A game of chess

A year has passed and I am about to turn 27 next week. However, this birthday is vastly different from my previous one. Maybe it’s because I am also approaching my 1 year work anniversary in my current job. I start to ponder about how quickly the past year flew by — both sweet and bitter.

What was the past year like?

2020 was the year of the COVID-19 outbreak and the future seemed so uncertain. It was also the year I returned to Malaysia after 8 years of residing in Australia. Returning home during this time was not ideal…

A rebellious teenage girl.

Anyone who has met me back in 2010 would describe me as that. I was an avid gamer (any God of War fans here?), skipped school and did poorly in maths.

Ah yes, I was that girl in school.

However, things took a big U-turn in my later teens. I chose my speciality in science but I was clueless about what I wanted to do. Surprisingly, I fell in love with physics and biology. My grades picked up and I was labelled as “that nerd” who ranked second place in the entire school.

It was time…

I’ve participated in a total of 4 hackathons of which 3 of them my team and I either came first place or runner up. New Relic x DEV Hack The Planet 2021 is my most recent winning.

Every hackathon has a different set of rules. Some hackathons give you the freedom to choose your own team while others allocate you to a group of strangers. But all hackathons have one thing in common — unlimited snacks, mercs and swags — even if you don’t win a prize, you still go home feeling like a winner!

What are hackathons?

The word…

Lillian Toh

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